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Plan a Town / Составьте план города
Read Составьте план города (для выполнения этого задания сохраните и распечатайте изображение выше)

One of the most innovative architects in your area has just persuaded a group of wealthy people to finance the building of a new town. The location is in the heart of one of the richest agricultural areas in the country. You are a member of a preliminary design committee chosen because of your creativity on past projects. Your task is to design and present a layout of the city.


1. At the top of the page you will find a rectangle that represents the boundaries of the new city. It has an area of three square miles. Download and print the image.

2. The maximum population of the town at any future time will be 15,000 people.

3. According to the guidelines of the county, your city must initially have at least:

A. 1 police station and 1 fire station
B. 1 sports arena
C. 2 medical clinics or hospitals
D. 3 shopping centers
E. 5 community gardens
F. 5 community parks
G. 40 businesses
H. 1500 houses
I. 3000 apartments
J. room for development

4. For the purposes of filling in areas of the city you will need a ruler or straight edge. Use the blocks in the picture as an indication of size.

5. You may include anything you want.
Extend 1. Most people would rather live in a small town than in a big city. Why is this so? Would you? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

2. What can the government of a town do to make life better for its citizens?

3. Imagine that there is one large piece of undeveloped property in the center of a small town. Would you prefer that the land be used for (choose): a park, a factory, a department store, a meeting place for young people, tennis and basketball courts. Why?

4. Should the government of a town control each type of building in the town? For example, if a person wants to build a house, should the government approve the plans first?

5. Draw a detailed map of your native town or city, and explain the rationale for its organization.
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