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Planning a House / Планируя построить дом
Read Планируя построить дом (для выполнения этого задания сохраните и распечатайте изображение выше)

You work for the Bailey and Curtis Company in Minneapolis, Minnesota. You design interesting new buildings and houses. Many people ask you to design new office buildings and new houses.
Today, the richest man in Minneapolis came to your office. He wanted your company to design his new house. He told you, "Cost is not important; I just want a big, warm, comfortable house for my wife, my four children, and me." You must decide on the shape of the house, and the location (and shape) of the rooms inside the house.

The man wants the following things in his house:
6 bedrooms
4 bathrooms
8 (other) rooms (kitchen, livingrooms)
1 big family playroom (lots of windows, glass doors, etc.)
1 swimming pool and patio
1 tennis court
1 billiards room
1 exercise room
1 greenhouse
3 fireplaces
Decide and Write 1. Sketch your design for the house on the map above.

2. Present the project to the client. Mention all its advantages.
Extend 1. Bring to class pictures of houses and buildings in your country (or other countries). How is the architecture different from American architecture? Which style do you like best—modem? Japanese? Spanish? Arabic?

2. What are the advantages or disadvantages of having a house whose rooms have no doors?

3. What is the most unusual or interesting building you know? Describe it.

4. Describe your parents’ house to your classmates.
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