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Cast Your Ballot! / Проголосуй!
Read Проголосуй! It’s the first Tuesday in November in the United States, and a dramatic election campaign is drawing to a close. As usual, it has been a long campaign of charges and countercharges, with millions of dollars spent on each candidate and issue. Now, it’s time for you, a resident of New York state, to cast your ballot!

1. All voting in the United States is by secret ballot and is anonymous.
2. You will have 15 minutes to mark your ballot secretly before dropping it in the voting box.
3. When all the ballots are in the box, they will be counted by your teacher or by a student committee.


National: For President (Choose one)

Elizabeth McCormick
1. Age: 48; Job: Economics professor
2. Democrat
3. Less money for military
4. More taxes
5. More money for old/poor
6. For abortion and gun control

John Stevens
1. Age: 69; Job: Former football player
2. Republican
3. More money for military
4. Less taxes
5. Less money for old/poor
6. Against abortion and gun control

Initiatives (For or Against)

1. Change voting age from 18 to 21.
2. Establish a national lottery.
3. Establish one year of compulsory national service (military or other) for every 18-year-old.

State: For Senator (Choose one)

Ruth Roberts
1. Age: 52; Job: Congresswoman
2. Democrat
3. Wants peaceful coexistence with Iran
4. Strongly pro-Israel
5. Against trade restrictions with Japan

Susan Golding
1. Age: 55; Job: Newspaper reporter
2. Republican
3. Strong anti-Iran
4. Equal support for Israel/Arabs
5. For trade restrictions with Japan

Bond Issues and Propositions (For or Against)
1. Increase taxes 25% to pay for more schools.
2. Increase taxes 5% to pay for more prisons and jails
3. Increase taxes 3% to pay for more hospitals for veterans.
4. Spend $10 million to advertise tourism and improve recreation facilities.
5. Spend $100 million to give jobs to unemployed people.

Local Initiatives (For or Against)
1. A law requiring student prayers in school.
2. A law changing the drinking age from 21 to 18.
3. A law prohibiting the sale of magazines such as Playboy at local stores.
4. A law permanently limiting the population of your town to 50,000 (it is now 45,000).
Extend 1. What issues are most important to Americans (in your opinion)?

2. How do politics in your country differ from politics in the U.S.?

3. What is the role of women in the politics of your country?

4. What are some of the different ways that leaders are chosen in the world? Which do you think is the best?

5. In the form of an interview, verbally present the ballot to three Americans, and write down their responses.
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