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Which Sports Are the Best? / Какие виды спорта лучше?
Read Какие виды спорта лучше? The President of your country is extremely upset! He has just returned from a trip through the country and cannot believe the terrible physical condition of the people. In short, the people of the country are flabby, and he wants to do something about it. Specifically, he wants to provide federal support to the 12 sports that will most improve the physical condition of the people.
Since you are a member of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness, you must choose the 12 best sports to be funded. Also, he wants you to list the five sports least likely to improve the people’s physical condition.

1. The best sports must be equally accessible to men and women.
2. At least five of the best sports must be “minor” sports as designated by the President.
3. Rank the 12 best sports from most physically demanding (1) to least physically demanding (12).
4. Here is the list you must choose from (*means a minor sport):
archery*, football, karate*, soccer, badminton*, golf, lacrosse*, softball, baseball, gymnastics*, motorcycle racing*, squash*, basketball, handball*, mountain climbing*, swimming, bicycling*, hang gliding*, racquetball*, table tennis*, billiards, hockey (field)*, rowing*, target shooting, bobsledding*, hockey (ice)*, skating (ice)*, tennis, bowling, horseback riding*, skating (roller)*, volleyball, boxing, jai alai*, skiing (snow)*, weight lifting*, canoeing*, jogging, skiing (water)*, wrestling*.
Decide and Write The 12 best sports (with reasons)
1. ______________________________
2. ______________________________
3. ______________________________
4. ______________________________
5. ______________________________
6. ______________________________
7. ______________________________
8. ______________________________
9. ______________________________
10. ______________________________
11. ______________________________
12. ______________________________

The five least likely to improve physical condition (with reasons)
1. ______________________________
2. ______________________________
3. ______________________________
4. ______________________________
5. ______________________________

The three most dangerous sports (with reasons)
1. ______________________________
2. ______________________________
3. ______________________________
Extend 1. Why is soccer the most popular sport in the world? Why not in the U.S.?

2. Which sports do you enjoy participating in more, individual or team?

3. Which three sports listed above do you think are the most exciting?

4. Which sport do you think requires the best physical conditioning? Why?

5. On elementary, high school, and university sports teams, should women and men play on the same team?
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