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Ask Any Question You Want / Задавайте любые вопросы
Read Задавайте любые вопросы You are being given an extraordinary opportunity to satisfy your curiosity. For many years, you have watched in frustration and anger as people and governments have done stupid things. Also you have watched with wonder and amazement as other people have performed spectacular feats, such as a man walking on the moon. Now you can ask any person who has been alive during your lifetime any question you want.

1. According to the person who arranged this opportunity, the people who are asked the questions are obliged to give you an honest reply.
2. You should try to word your question so that a person cannot give a yes/no answer. Moreover, make your questions as direct as possible.
Decide and Write Person 1: ______________________________
Question: ______________________________

Person 2: ______________________________
Question: ______________________________

Person 3: ______________________________
Question: ______________________________

Person 4: ______________________________
Question: ______________________________

Person 5: ______________________________
Question: ______________________________
Extend 1. It is a reporter’s job to ask questions. What are some of the difficulties faced by reporters in getting answers?

2. Imagine that you have been sent to interview one of the following people: Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, Idi Amin, or Pol Pot? What kind of strategy would you use to interview the person you have chosen?

3. Public figures often complain that they have no privacy. Should their lives be open to any question, or are there some things that reporters should not ask them about?

4. Role play: Assume that one of your classmates / teacher / your language partner is a historical or present personality, and assume that you are a reporter. Make a list of 10 questions to ask him or her. Then reverse the process.

5. Talk to five Americans. Ask them: "If you could ask the President of the United States one question, what would it be?"
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