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Коммуникативные уроки и задания по английскому языку

Наряду с изучением грамматики и лексики, одним из главных аспектов в овладении языком является разговорная практика. В этом разделе вы можете найти разнообразные уроки, распологающие к интересному общению. Их можно использовать как в классе, так и просто с друзьями, языковыми партнерами.
Коммуникативно-ролевые - это такие уроки, в которых вы являетесь определенным персонажем, которому необходимо решить какую-либо проблемную ситуацию или ситуации. Решая данные проблемы, раз за разом повторяется необходимая активная лексика, которую бы вы использовали в реальной жизни, оказавшись на месте персонажа.
Коммуникативные уроки
Уровни: Intermediate - Advanced | Pre-Intermediate - Upper-Intermediate
Начиная новую цивилизацию
Starting a New Civilization / Начиная новую цивилизацию
A nuclear war has just taken place. Only six people will survive. As a U.N. delegate you will help decide who will live and who will die.
Кредитный отдел
The Loan Department / Кредитный отдел
As directors of the Loan Department of your bank, you try to make money for the bank by giving out wise loans. Who is a good risk: a student? a deserted wife? an unemployed alcoholic?
Распределение бюджета
What Gets the Money? / Распределение бюджета
Your newly-created country of Amazonas faces numerous problems. As members of the Budget Department, you must decide how you will spend this year’s budget: agriculture? police? education? transportation? protection of natives?
Кому достанется сердце?
Who Gets the Heart? / Кому достанется сердце?
Your surgical team must immediately transplant a heart. But there are seven people who need it. Which one should receive it?
Заказ на ребенка!
Ordering a Baby! / Заказ на ребенка!
The year is 2250, and your family must order a child from the local baby factory. What color hair do you want it to have? height? weight? personality?
Сокращая школьную программу
Eliminating School Programs / Сокращая школьную программу
Your high school must eliminate several programs because of a loss of funds. Which ones: physical education? special languages? school bus program? administrative personnel?
Cast Your Ballot! / Проголосуй!
Who should be President and Senator? Do you support a national lottery? compulsory military service? increased taxes?
Какие виды спорта лучше?
Which Sports Are the Best? / Какие виды спорта лучше?
You want to improve the physical condition of the people in your country. Which are the best sports to do this? the worst?
Кого вы пригласите?
Whom Do You Invite to Dinner? / Кого вы пригласите?
You are going to have a dinner party. You can invite anyone—living or dead. Who will you invite: Einstein? Mohammed? Eve? Fidel Castro? Socrates? Karl Marx?
Составьте план города
Plan a Town / Составьте план города
A new town is being built. You have been asked to design it. Where will you put the businesses? parks? roads? houses? apartments? gardens? shopping centers?
Куда направиться
Places to Go / Куда направиться
Your newspaper is planning a travel issue. What are the cheapest places in the world to visit? the friendliest? the most beautiful? the worst?
Что им посоветовать?
How Do I Advise Them? / Что им посоветовать?
As a social worker you face many problems. Today you see such people as an old woman being thrown out of her son’s apartment and a mother whose 17-year-old son has been jailed for repeated shoplifting. What do you tell them?
Составьте учебный план ВУЗа
Plan a College Curriculum / Составьте учебный план ВУЗа
Which courses give a general college student sufficient analytical skills and written/verbal ability: anthropology? biology? economics? history? math? composition? psychology? speech? You will design a three-year curriculum.
Задавайте любые вопросы
Ask Any Question You Want / Задавайте любые вопросы
You are being given an extraordinary opportunity to ask any person who has been alive during your lifetime any question you want.
Воспитывая ребенка
Raising a Child / Воспитывая ребенка
Should a mother nurse a child or give it formula? How should a child be toilet-trained? How should a child be disciplined? You must write a child-raising manual for prospective parents.
Что взять в ссылку?
What Articles Do I Take? / Что взять в ссылку?
You will spend the rest of your life on an uninhabited desert island. What articles will you take: compass? frying pan? cigarettes? axe?
Какие книги следует издать?
Which Books to Print? / Какие книги следует издать?
Many manuscripts have arrived at your publishing company. Based on the titles, which ones have the best chance of success? The Secret Diary of Albert Einstein? Life After Death? Pele’s Book of Soccer Tips?
В будущее!
Into the Future! / В будущее!
Can you predict the future? What will life be like in the year 2050? Try to foresee some of the biggest changes that will occur by then.
Создавая новую Конституцию
Writing a Short Constitution / Создавая новую Конституцию
You need to write a basis of laws for your new country. What will be the basic principles of your country? What can the government do? What responsibilities do the citizens have?
Кто виноват?
Who is Responsible? / Кто виноват?
A young student has been paralyzed by an automobile accident. Who must pay her damages: the drunk driver of the other car? the owner of the bar that sold him drinks? the car company?
Создай новый продукт
Design a New Product / Создай новый продукт
Your job is to design and market a new perfume. What will you name it? What color will it be? Quantity per bottle? Slogan? You must perform a TV commercial you write for your perfume.
Медицинская школа
Medical School / Медицинская школа
There are four remaining spots in the freshman medical class. You must choose among eight highly qualified applicants.
10 важнейших людей
The 10 Most Important People / 10 важнейших людей
In the last 4000 years, billionsof humans have lived. Which ones had the greatest effect on civilization. Hitler? Jesus? Newton? the Wright brothers?
Вещи, символизирующие США
Most-American Things / Вещи, символизирующие США
You must show the people of the future what the U.S. is like today, Which items would show this: a quart of oil? a gun? a bikini? blue jeans?
Неразрешимые проблемы
Unsolvable Problems / Неразрешимые проблемы
What are some problems that may never be solved: the energy crisis? the causes of cancer? racial discrimination? What is forever behind the reach of men and women in their technology?
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