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Into the Future! / В будущее!
Read В будущее! Imagine that you had been born in 1880 and had lived to 1960. You would have seen an incredible number of changes in your lifetime. It is doubtful that many people in 1880 could have predicted that by 1960 men would be in space.
Now a similar situation is confronting you: You have been asked to predict what the world will be like in 2050. More specifically, what do you think will be the 15 biggest changes that will take place in your lifetime? And will those changes make the world better or worse?

You should consider physical changes in the world as well as technological advances.
Extend 1. In general, are you optimistic or pessimistic about the future? Why?

2. More specifically, is human civilization advancing or declining? What indications do you see to support your idea?

3. At present, the U. S. and China are the two most powerful countries in the world. After looking at a map, choose which five countries will be most powerful in the year 2100.

4. Using your artistic ability, draw a picture of what you imagine a human being will look like one million years from today.

5. Write a composition about three positive trends you see taking place in the world today.
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