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Design a New Product / Создай новый продукт
Read Создай новый продукт You belong to an advertising agency that specializes in marketing new products. You have just received a "rush" project: Revlon has decided to create a new perfume. It is your responsibility to design the product and plan a marketing campaign.

1. Traditionally, women have been the primary buyers of perfume; but men have recently begun buying more perfume. Therefore, try to design your product to appeal to the greatest number of people.
2. As always, the chief goal of any large business is making money. Therefore, try to get the most for the corporation’s money.
Decide and Write New Product Design

1. Name of new perfume:

2. Color of new perfume (clear is a possibility):

3. Smell of new perfume (choose one): very sweet, sweet, slightly sweet, neutral.

4. Type of container (circle one): plastic container, glass bottle

5. Shape of container (draw).

6. Quantity of perfume in container (only one size, in ounces):

7. Color of container (clear is a possibility):

8. Type of dispenser (choose one): pump spray, no pump.

9. Design the label to appear on the front of the box that holds the perfume container.

A. Size ______________________________

B. Draw the label as you want it to appear.

10. Projected cost of perfume per ounce:

Marketing Campaign

1. Create a catchy slogan for your perfume:

2. Type of markets campaign is aimed toward (choose three):

teenage girls
teenage boys
men ages 20-35
women ages 20-35
men ages 36-50
women ages 36-50
men ages 50 +
women ages 50 +

3. What percentage of the advertising budget will you spend on each of the following?

newspapers _____, television _____, magazines _____, free mailing samples _____, radio _____, other _____.

4. In what types of magazines will you advertise?

5. On what types of radio and TV programs will you buy advertising time?

6. How many free samples will you mail?

7. Create and perform a 30-second TV commercial for the perfume:
Extend 1. Are you influenced by advertising? For example, when you go to the grocery store do you buy products that you’ve seen or read about? Give examples.

2. What kind of deodorant do you use? Why?

3. How does TV advertising differ from newspaper or magazine advertising? Which do you think is most effective?

4. Look through several newspapers and magazines. Cut out the three best advertisements you find. Explain why they appeal to you.
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