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Ordering a Baby! / Заказ на ребенка!
Read Заказ на ребенка! The year is 2250. Your family group has decided to have two new children. Since the 20th century, the method of having children has radically changed. Instead of the old way, now each family group decides on the characteristics it wants its child to have and orders the child from the local factory. Fill out the following application forms for your new baby girl and baby boy.

1. Racial characteristics (skin color, etc.) are not a primary consideration, since they will be determined primarily by the characteristics of the family group (the government allows little variation in this matter).
2. In terms of IQ, 100-120 is considered "normal"; 140 or above is considered "genius"; around 250 is the highest ever calculated for anyone.

Names of group applying:


1. Sex: male, female

2. Color of eyes: red, yellow (blonde), green, brown, black, turquoise, blue,
tan, white, __________

3. A. Color of hair: red, yellow (blonde), green, brown, black, turquoise,
blue, tan, white, __________

B. Type of hair: straight, curly, wavy, __________

4. Future height (feet/inches):
Shortest__________ Tallest__________

5. Future weight (pounds):
Heaviest__________ Lightest__________

6. Future IQ (100-200):
Lowest__________ Highest__________

7. Coordination: right-handed, left-handed, ambidextrous.

8. Personality (unlimited choices):
friendly, shy, quiet, talkative, unemotional, emotional, optimistic, pessimistic, passive, aggressive, idealistic, realistic

9. Areas to excel in (choose three): sports; music; art; dance; science; humanities (language, economics, social sciences); hand work (plumbing, etc.);__________.

10. Future profession possibilities (choose five): poet, musician, artist, writer, plumber, electrician, carpenter, research scientist, professor, doctor, lawyer, real estate agent, police officer, firefighter, salesperson, forestranger, sportsman, pilot, military person, secretary, computer programmer, technician, religious person, chef (cook),__________.

11. Please explain in 50 words or less why we should process your order (why you want a baby).
Extend 1. In many areas of the world, it seems that most parents prefer that their first child be a boy. Why might this be so?

2. What is your opinion about artificial insemination?

3. With the many different forms of artificial conception that are now scientifically possible, the prospect of baby factories has moved even closer. Do you think they will ever become a reality? Explain.

4. Write a composition about your parents’ expectations of you. What kind of person do/did they want you to be? Have you tried to fulfill their expectations of you? How successful have you been in satisfying their expectations?
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